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If you need access to qualified criminal law attorneys in Bangor, ME, talk to the professionals at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A. We have extensive experience with criminal defense, including with charges pertaining to OUI. While initially an OUI charge may seem cut and dry, we gather all of the facts and defend our clients’ rights in court. Since 1977 we have worked with accused drivers and represented them during any legal matters. If you find yourself or a loved one charged with OUI, make sure to give our law office a call. Our criminal law professionals are on standby and ready to work for you. Reach us by phone at (207) 947-0191 for a consultation.

Representing Bangor Residents Charged With Drug Crimes

When residents of the Bangor area find themselves charged with drug crimes, they talk to Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A. From possession to sales, drug crimes can bring serious convictions if not dealt with appropriately. Since 1977, we have worked with individuals throughout the state of Maine who find themselves accused of a drug crime. Our attorneys find the facts in every case and work them to our clients’ advantage during their day in court. We also know the justice system inside and out, so we can provide the highest quality of representation around. For more information, please contact our law office today.

Call Paine, Lynch & Harris for Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

In addition to OUIs and drug crimes, we can work with just about any criminal case at the state level. From misdemeanors to felonies, our experienced criminal law attorneys can find the best way to move forward with your case. We provide sound legal counsel to our clients to make sure they strive for the best results and a path to rehabilitation when necessary. Regardless of the crime accusation, we remain committed to protecting your right to legal counsel in any criminal case. For more information from our criminal law attorneys in Bangor, ME, talk to the experts at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A.

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