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When you need qualified family law attorneys in Bangor, ME, choose to work with the qualified group at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A. Since 1977, we have worked with families throughout the Bangor area to settle a wide range of family law matters. One area of family law we represent is adoption. Choosing to adopt can make a massive difference in the life of an individual or family, but it is something that requires legal representation. Our experienced attorneys know the nuances of completing an adoption, and can help you get through the process with limited stress. We represent you during the case and assist with any necessary paperwork involved in adopting a child. For more information or a consultation, please call our law office today at (207) 947-0191.

Divorce, Spousal Support, & Protection from Abuse Representation

Another important part of family law is making sure divorcing spouses have access to proper legal representation in a number of areas. Going through a divorce is a legal process in itself, but any subsequent actions must also receive litigation. At Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A., we represent Bangor-area divorcées who believe they have a case for spousal support. Those individuals require the assistance of attorneys to file a claim for alimony or other forms of spousal support. Additionally, we can represent in cases involving protection from abuse judgements, where the safety of our clients may be in jeopardy. For more information on divorce, spousal support, protection from abuse, or other issues of family law, please contact our attorneys today.

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One common element of divorce or spousal separation regards what happens to any children reared from the marriage or relationship. Our attorneys work with parents to establish child custody and child support agreements for any children involved. Additionally, we work to establish parental rights in legal terms, so the individuals we represent know their rights and have them solidified in law. If you have any questions for our family law attorneys in Bangor, ME, talk to the experienced staff at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A.

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