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If you require experienced family law attorneys near Hermon, ME, talk to the qualified team at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A. Since 1977, our attorneys have served local families throughout Maine who require practiced legal hands to get through any family dilemmas. From adoption and child custody to divorce and support, we make sure that you and your children have the legal right to safety and financial resources. Families in Hermon and surrounding areas have access to consultations with our attorneys, which affords them the highest quality of representation. In addition to our traditional family law services, we also assist with all elements of probate hearings. We can assist you with drafting a will or establishing power of attorney, both of which protect you and your family during difficult times. For more information on family law and probate, please give us a call today at (207) 947-0191.

Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A., Provides Criminal Defense in Corinth, ME

When you need criminal law representation in the Corinth area, our attorneys can represent you. Our trial attorneys have decades of experience when it comes to criminal defense in the courtroom for a number of situations. Typically, we deal with OUI and drug charges, but we can handle almost any misdemeanor or felony charge. Our criminal law attorneys will find the facts in any case and represent clients to the best of our abilities. For more information on criminal defense, please give us a call, or ask us about any of the following legal services:

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Personal Injury Representation in the Levant, ME, Area

If you find yourself injured in an accident, the attorneys at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A., can represent you and help you receive the compensation you deserve. We have a proven track record of holding negligent parties accountable, whether in an auto accident or in a property accident. You deserve compensation for your injuries, and we will fight for you throughout the process. For more information on our attorneys near Hermon, ME, please contact Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A., today.

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