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When you require experienced rental attorneys in Bangor, ME, contact the legal professionals at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A. When it comes to disputes between landlords and tenants, typically, attorneys go to great lengths to avoid court dates. Going to court can cost a lot of money for clients, and in many cases, trying to settle outside of the courtroom is more efficient. This is where our experienced attorneys can help to mediate any disputes and find a solution that works for both parties when necessary. Talk to our landlord and tenant attorneys about getting professional representation for any dispute that arises, and take the first step toward defending your rights. For more information on landlord and tenant representation, please give us a call today at (207) 947-0191.

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One of the more common reasons tenants find themselves facing litigation is alleged violation of rental agreement contracts. When this is the case, having an experienced tenant attorney on your side is very important. Since 1977, the tenant attorneys at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A., have represented defendants in a wide array of landlord and tenant disputes. Whether the situation arose due to unpaid rent or utilities, damaged property, or violation of a lease, we find the facts and work on behalf of tenants who have been served. Additionally, we can assist you in suing your landlord if they violate their portion of a rental agreement. For more information on tenant litigation in the Bangor area, contact our law office today.

Representing Landlords in Civil Litigation Matters Near Bangor, ME

While not as common as with criminal cases, in certain instances, civil litigation matters reach trial. While most civil matters get settled outside of the courtroom, when landlords cannot settle a lawsuit, they should turn to an experienced rental attorney. Whether for breach of contract, damage to property, unpaid bills, or any other situation, we can represent landlords in civil matters. If you have a dispute with a tenant at one of your properties, our attorneys can go on a fact finding mission to fight for your best outcome. When they need rental attorneys in Bangor, ME, landlords should talk to the legal minds at Paine, Lynch & Harris, P.A.

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